Due to the current escalation of the Coronavirus, UK Gas Services has undergone a full review of our Contingency Plans, Business Continuity Plans & Service Level Agreements to effectively manage & maintain our service delivery to our new & existing customers.

The situation remains fluid and ever evolving, so this response reflects our determination that decisive & immediate decisions should be made to safeguard our staff, their families and our customers.

With this in mind, UK Gas Services have issued the following guidelines.


All non-essential travel should be minimised, it is the responsibility of individuals to risk assess, and if you are in any doubt raise it with your line manager.

National travel should be discussed with line managers and all pre-booked journeys re-assessed.

International travel requires MD approval and anyone returning from affected countries listed below must adhere to the latest Government guidelines and may need to self-isolate. Any existing travel plans should be reassessed following the latest Government advice.

Limiting travel is key to containing the virus and UK Gas Services’ position on all of the above remains under constant review.

Face-to-face meetings

Many operational colleagues have close contact with the general public on a daily basis, all members of staff should dynamically risk assess their daily face-to-face interactions to see if they are completely necessary.

UK Gas Services has the technology in place to cover most contract meeting requirements (phone, skype, online webinars etc.) and this should be the default option, where possible.

It is our aim to limit unnecessary face-to-face interactions with third-party visitors at UK Gas Services offices & our remote sites.

Workplace hygiene

UK Gas Services follows Government guidance on the importance of good personal hygiene to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  Cleaning has been stepped up at our head office & remote sites, and extra disinfecting wipes and hand sanitising gel has been distributed.

We all have responsibilities to take care of ourselves and each other and the current advice from the NHS says that washing your hands is a key part of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus – which should take about 20 seconds.

Latest NHS Advise  

  • Regularly wash your hands with antibacterial soap and fresh water
  • Always wash your hands before eating & when you get home or into work
  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are unavailable
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • Put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands immediately afterwards

Cyber Security

Criminals are using the spread of Coronavirus to attack companies in the hope that someone will click on a link in an email or download a malicious file. Please report any suspicious emails to IT Dept.

Remote Working

All our office staff could work from home using laptop computers. All our major IT systems are Cloud-based or use remote logins, which can be accessed via wi-fi or company supplied mobile phones with 4G.

While it is impossible to chart the course of the Coronavirus outbreak, UK Gas Services takes our obligation as a responsible employer and a provider of our services seriously.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide regular updates to all colleagues and clients.


At UK Gas Services, our top priority is the safety of our people, clients and the communities we serve. For that reason, we have put extra measures in place to protect against the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are aiming to minimise the number of non-essential visits. In addition, we ask that anyone who may be at risk from Coronavirus, refrains from visiting any of our offices or having face to face contact with any of our employees.  We define “at risk” as anyone who has (or lives with someone who has):

Has recently returned from the Wuhan or Hubei Province in China, Iran, special care zones in South Korea (Daegu, Cheongdo & Gyeongsan cities)

Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people if you’ve travelled to the UK from the following places in the last 14 days and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath, even if your symptoms are mild.

  • Lockdown areas of Italy
  • Mainland China outside of Hubei province
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • South Korea outside of the special care zones
  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

 Or have been advised by a healthcare professional to avoid contact with others because they may have come into contact with Coronavirus.

We respectfully request that all potential visitors inform UK Gas Services if they may be at risk from Coronavirus before visiting any of our offices or meeting with any of our employees, so that alternate meeting arrangements can be made.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, we hope you understand that our aim is to protect those who work for and in partnership with us.


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