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Achieving the best boiler temperature

Optimum running conditions for your boiler

7 November 2017

As we soon start to get into autumn proper and the longer and colder nights (and mornings) arrive, thoughts turn to warmth and keeping our homes a comfortable temperature. There is however an added

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A look at how pressure is related to operational boiler function.

Boiler pressure

19 July 2017

Boilers generally are complicated and specialised pieces of equipment, and as we have suggested many times before, work should only be carried out by people who are qualified to deal with these

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central heating regulation

Valves and thermostats

19 June 2017

Although your central heating system exists ready to be used whenever you need it, few of us can (and indeed can afford) to have the heating on twenty-four hours a day. Infact, research has shown

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Other ways to provide energy and heat

Efficient heating solutions.

25 May 2017

It is hard to escape the presence of the desire for an eco-friendly world today. With a constant push towards cleaner and greener forms of energy usage and consumption, this topic is becoming more

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How to spot problems with gas.

Gas as a danger

12 May 2017

Gas safety is a very important area that everyone should be aware of or at least have some knowledge. Most of us are reliant on gas so much that we take it for granted, and fail to see or be able to

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Why is a boiler check necessary

What is a boiler check?

27 April 2017

A boiler is a very important piece of equipment and similar to a car, it can’t run forever without some kind of check and maintenance work to ensure that the appliance is both safe and working to

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the different types of radiators

Types of radiator

12 April 2017

We have probably all visited homes where the heating is off in the middle of winter, or even the house does not have a central heating system or radiators at all. There is more to a radiator than

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