As part of the expansion of a UK Gas Services, a number of engineers have completed their LPG course. This means that they can now fit, service and repair LPG boilers and have recently put their new skill set in to practice in a number of properties. The course also included categories for LPG appliances in residential park homes, leisure accommodation vehicles, boats and yachts and closed flue gas fires.

What is LPG?

LPG, standing for Liquid Petroleum Gas, is a mixture of propane and butane and is the closest alternative to natural gas. When the pressure is released on these gases they liquidate which, when boiled, turns to vapour and powers the gas appliance.

Why is LPG Useful?

The low density of LPG in liquid form makes it ideal for smaller properties such as static homes as a higher quantity can be kept in a smaller space. It can also be useful for houses that are in a “rural areas” that do not have supply to natural gas. Many reputable boiler brands including Worcester, Valliant and Baxi make LPG boilers so quality is compromised.

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