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the different types of radiators

Types of radiator

12 April 2017

We have probably all visited homes where the heating is off in the middle of winter, or even the house does not have a central heating system or radiators at all. There is more to a radiator than

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what to do when your boiler stops working

Broken boiler help

30 March 2017

Boilers are an essential part to the normal functioning of our homes. They provide us with heat and hot water which is necessary to do so many things in day to day life. The problem comes when

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Two members of the UK Gas team

UK Gas Becomes LPG Qualified

17 March 2017

As part of the expansion of a UK Gas Services, a number of engineers have completed their LPG course. This means that they can now fit, service and repair LPG boilers and have recently put their new

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the process for removing air out of a radiator

Bleeding a radiator

14 March 2017

If a central heating system or boiler is like the heart in a body, then the radiators are equivalent to the blood – they both rely on each to work normally and function properly. The key to any

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how turning down the temperature of your heating can help

Turning it down

27 February 2017

We can all picture the depths of the winter with the outside covered by frost and ice and probably your fridge or freezer being warmer than the main areas of your house! It would then seem a bit

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A career with gas and gas appliances.

Becoming a gas engineer

15 February 2017

Whatever you want to call it (a gas engineer / fitter / worker) it is a very important job. Gas is a substance we all need and rely upon but it takes highly skilled and trained people to deal with

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different types of boiler available

Types of boiler

4 February 2017

A boiler is an important purchase for your home – you want one that will be reliable, suitable for your needs and keep you supplied with heat and hot water throughout the year. Knowing what types

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How to keep warm in the winter.

Preparing your home for winter

25 January 2017

It is the time of the year when your boiler and central heating system is most under pressure. It is also the time of the year when we have to think about heat, heat loss and how to preserve it. This

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